Dakar - Senegal
Senegal: Gateway to West Africa

Senegal, with a population of 16 million is one of the countries in West Africa that attracts more foreign capital. One of the most important reasons for foreign investors to come and invest in Senegal is the country's geographical location.

Senegal is the advance the westernmost of the African continent in the Atlantic Ocean, at the junction of Europe, Africa and the Americas, and at a crossroads of major sea and air routes.

For over a decade, Senegal has remarkable advantages in Africa. These include political stability, democratic visibility and continued growth of around 5% per year since 1994.

The country faces the archipelago of Cape Verde and is border with Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Guinea Bissau giving the opportunity to serve these countries from Senegal.

Modern port and airport infrastructure as well as competent providers enable us to offer quality logistics services and a direct connection to the train and highways.
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02-05 November 2016    Dakar / SENEGAL